Equine Assisted Learning in Japan

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COAS is the first and the only company providing global standard EAL programs in Japan. EAL, non-riding program, is the experiential learning approach intends to create opportunities for participant self-development through the horse.  The horse mirrors your emotions and response immediately to your reactions that helps to develop your self-awareness. Under our program, the horse is considered the teacher and the facilitator help guide the participants on a  journey there.  


Our service is mainly for "leaders" who wish to explore, develop yourself or his/her team. We has been served for over 12 companies and 1,350 leaders within a few years in Japan to improve their confidence, leadership style, communication, teamwork and well-being. International participants can be business leaders, expats, diplomats, doctors, teachers and the other all adults who wants to  reflect on yourself and promote the development of life skills.  We don't teach any "technical" skills but seriously help you to recognize your real character and strength by removing unconscious bias through our activities.  After participating the program, we're sure that you feel yourself and your environment different. 


The facilitator is Motoko Kobinata, the founder of COAS and the  Eagala certified professional, who has both credentials:  Mental Health Specialist and Equine Specialist. Motoko also has a strong connection with  Beverly Kane, MD, who is a Program Director for Stanford University "Medicine and Horsemanship" and  "Somatic Horsemanship."  She developed a certification program based on a philosophical method named Horsensei, which is a coined word created by Dr. Kane. Dr.Kane was willingly permitted Motoko using the term to express the value.   


Our program is provided by three horses and the facilitator Motoko Kobinata in a cozy peaceful farm in Sapporo, where is easily accessible from Shin-Chitose airport. The small artistic farm surrounded by nature will help you to release your tense.You can forget your busy life in a city and focus on a session.

What is Eagala?

Who is Beverly Kane, MD? 


Two Days Program
Fee: 300,000 Japanese yen/person 
Maximum allowed : 6 people 
(personal training is also available)
First day: 10:30-17:00
Second day:9:00-14:30
●Three Days Program
Fee:360,000 Japanese yen/person 
Maximum allowed:6people
(personal training is also available)
First day: 10:30-17:00
Second day:9:00-17:00
Third day:9:00-14:30

*Included: lunch and drink at a farm 
*Not included: hotel, transportation and dinner
*Payment: credit card (Visa/Mastercard(R)/JCB/American Express/Diners Club/Discover) /bank transfer
*The schedule has not been finalaized


Custom-made program is also available. We have enough experience to design "what client wants" for Human Resources departments and executive leaders.  Please feel free to contact and tell us your story.



Pillika Hilltop Farm (Pilika-no-oka bokujou)



149-2 Kobetsuzawa Nishi-ku Sapporo city, Hokkaido Japan 063-0011

Access 15-20 mim by a taxi from JR Sapporo Station


=From Tokyo=

Haneda Airport>>>ShinChitose Airport(1h30min)

SinChitose Airport>>Sapporo Station (35min by JR express train)

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1: Fell free to contact us 
2: COAS will explain the  fee, payment method, cancel policy etc 
3: If you decided to join, fix the schedule 
4: COAS will send a material for participants
5: Meet at the farm!


 Motoko Kobinata(COAS Founder /CEO)  

Joined Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation after graduating, then changed her job to a foreign-affiliated company.She was in charge of marketing, branding, new business development and overseas expansion. In 2006, she was appointed to the head of the marketing department of the Japanese branch of a global company as a first female and the youngest leader leader, and succeeded in regenerating the organization in two years.


She was independent in 2009, and  started a new activity with the theme; co-existent of  "living"  "work" and "learning." She finally encountered Equine Assisted Learning, and established COAS Co., Ltd. in 2016.


During the period, she spent two years for studying organizational development, leadership, career consulting, and coaching at specialized institutions in Japan, Switzerland(IMD) and the US.  Since 2017, she has had her own ranch in Sapporo, and has introduced the original program with horses and books for over 1350 business leaders and 12 companies including Shiseido Co.,Ltd. and Audi Japan Co., Ltd.  In 2020, she has started a certification program "horsensei" to systematize and disseminate the COAS method. The first certification program will be implemented from November 24, 2020.


* The word "horsensei" is a  coined word by Dr. Beverly Kane of Stanford University. Through friendship with Mr. Beverly, he has obtained permission to use this ward.


Completed the Swiss Business School IMD "Women Leader Program" and "Organization Development Program". She has studied coaching, career consultant, and behavior change program facilitators provided by US talent development companies. For human resource development training  with horses, she has taken the most advanced programs around the world. In addition, she is developing her own program at our own ranch. She is the only Japanese who has both aMental Health Specialist and an Equine Specialist issued by EAGALA, an international accreditation body of Equine Assisted method.

with Dr.Bevery Kane at Stanford (2020)
with Dr.Bevery Kane at Stanford (2020)
Eagala Certification
Eagala Certification


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