Heal Yourself

Somatic Equine Program

This is your hidden farm in Sapporo



Welcome to Pilika Hilltop Farm


Pilika is the cozy place where the horses and humans live together,

learn and grow together for our life well- being.


In this farm, the horses heal you,

guide you and help you to find yourself. 


Why horses?


They mirror human intention, and give them honest and accurate feedback to their non-verbal communication. 


That means,

the horses can be the best coach of you.


Pilika Hilltop Farm is waiting for your visit.


Several opportunities are prepared for communicating with horses and feeling nature such as "walking with a horse" " horseback mindfulness"  " explore a farm nature" and so on. A customer who chose 5 times or 10 times lessons, we offer more activities including "going out of the farm with a horse" "horse-card session" "farm experience" etc. Please feel free to contact us to get more details.


Pilika Hilltop Farm is not horse riding club. Our program includes horseback riding but there is no technical lessons in regards to riding.

Service options

1 time lesson

JPY 25,000 /person


3 times lessons

JPY 54,000/person

(JPY 18,000 /lesson)

5 times lessons

JPY 85,000/person

(JPY 17,000/lesson)

10 times lessons

JPY 150,000/person

(JPY 15,000/lesson)

*All listed prices are excluding tax.

*80min/lesson (start at 10:00am or 2:00pm) 

*credit card and bank transfer are available


-cancel policy 

if you want to change your reservation, contact us 3 days before the lesson. There is a possibility to suggest postponing depend on a weather.

-what to wear

long sleeve shirt and long pants are recommended. 

-expiration date

3 times lessons-6 months from the first lesson

5 times lessons- a year from the first lesson

10 times lessons- two years from the first lesson



メモ: * は入力必須項目です