Horses are the Best Coaches for Business Professionals

How do you communicate with people who have different values?

How do you work with somebody who is not on the same wavelength? 


“Horse Coaching(based on Equine Assisted Learning)” is a leadership training technique that uses horses as a medium for personnel development. Proven as highly effective by Stanford University and other higher education institutions in the United States and Europe, horse coaching is a proven method to develop leadership, management and other practical personnel management skills.


COAS is the only company that provides Natural Horse Coaching based on Equine Assisted Learning in Japan. Since 2016, we have offered services to over 2,000 business executive and professionals, including individuals from prominent companies like Shiseido and Audi Japan.


Our Horse Coaching is based on the Equine Assisted Learning(EAL) of the U.S. and the Europe method. 

The Facilitator of COAS is the only EAGALA certified person in Japan who is both a mental health professional and an equine specialist. EAGALA is the leading internationally-recognized model for equestrian coaching and therapy.

Our English-speaking staff will provide you with a comfortable experience, tailored to your specific needs.

Our services are offered at our facilities that are set in the serene forests of northern Japan, a short drive from New Chitose International Airport (CTS) and Sapporo City in Hokkaido Prefecture.

Who it’s for?

Business leaders frequently struggle with so-called management “soft skills” - capacities where effective training opportunities are often limited. Horse Coaching is primarily for leaders who see room for improvement in their organizations with regards to leadership, human relations, or work-life balance .


COAS’ services can help business professionals who may be struggling with the following:


✔ I don’t have confidence in my leadership;

✔ I’m struggling with co-workers who are from different generations;

✔  As a leader, I have no idea how to deal with this environmental change within my organization;

✔ I’ve hit a wall with regards to my career growth and/or happiness.  


※ Kindly note that Horse Coaching does not involve horseback riding. 

Unique Characteristics of Horse Coaching

1.Horses are like a mirror. They will help you see your leadership style objectively, without bias.


2.Through structured interactions with an uncontrolled animal, you will have the opportunity to critically review your relationships with others.


3. Our serene horse farm environment, set in the forest just minutes outside of Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture, will allow you to take time out for you and will help with introspection and soul searching.


Why are horses the best coaches?

They never show affection or obedience like a dog

Unliked animals like dogs, horses do not show blind obedience to a master. They are independent and unbiased.

Horses are a mirror of our thoughts, fears, and inner obstacles 

Horses see and reflect human feelings through nonverbal communications, acting as a unique mirror for the soul.

Feel in awe of the power

Horses are bigger and stronger than humans. By facing them, it inspires a healthy unconscious fear and vulnerability.

Unique management

Horse herds don’t have a fixed hierarchy. They keep peace by respecting several types of personality.

◆Horse Coaching◆


【2DAYs short plan】



11:00-13:00 Outside Session with Horses and Indoor Session

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-17:00 Outside Session with Horses and Indoor Session

(17:30 Night Farm Library(option))



10:00-12:00 Outside Session with Horses and Indoor Session

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00-14:30 "Horsewarming" Feedback and Action Plan 

(14:30 Horse Somatic P(option))



205,000 yen/person(excluding tax)lunch included


※transportation, hotel, breakfast/dinner are NOT included 

【3DAYs standard plan(Standard)】


10:40-11:00 Greeting

11:00-13:00 Outside Session with Horses and Indoor Session

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-17:00 Outside Session with Horses and Indoor Session

(17:30 Night Farm Library(option))



10:00-17:00 Outside Session with Horses and Indoor Session



10:00-12:00 Outside Session with Horses and Indoor Session

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00-14:30 "Horsewarming" Feedback and Action Plan  

 (14:30 Horse Somatic (option))



307,500 yen/person(excluding tax)Lunch included 

※transportation, hotel, breakfast/dinner are NOT included 


Feel free to contact and tell us when you want to attend!


Mr. Andrew Gauci (Executive for a foreign company)

“Thank you all for looking after me so much. It was really an amazing time and I miss you all already. I will be back and will be recommending you to others. Best training I have ever had!”

Dr. Beverley Kane, MD(Stanford University Horsensei Equine-Assisted Learning and Therapy (HEALTH))  


Statement for COAS certification program    


 The establishment of the COAS horsensei Japan equine-assisted learning certification program is an enormous contribution to the field of equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) and to humanity. At a time when the Earth and its peoples are in desperate need of harmony and healing, we look to nature and animals for wisdom and solace. And we look to special people to take leadership roles in this realignment.     


 Horses are consummate teachers of life skills and compassionate attitudes. They are tolerant, honest, and forgiving. They are big and strong, yet gentle. Horses facilitate all aspects of human development. These intelligent, sensitive creatures can react to minute changes in our moods, behaviors, and body language. They offer us immediate but non-judgmental feedback for our unconscious actions and internal states, making them conscious and visible to us.    Interaction with horses teaches us effective communication, teamwork, leadership, followership, and empathy that we can apply in education, business, and social environments. Interspecies communication is a model for the celebration of diversity and for cooperation among the world’s people in families, at school, at work, and in the assemblies of nations.     


 Through interacting with horses physically, emotionally, and psychologically, we deepen awareness of our communication styles and core motivations. When we learn to gain the trust of these magnificent animals, we learn to trust ourselves to reach our highest personal and professional potential.       COAS also contributes to the well-being of horses. Horses have found new purpose as co-therapists for hospitalized patients and the disabled and as guides for corporate leaders and healthcare professionals.  They teach behaviors to people from all walks of life seeking to live moral, meaningful, and productive lives by regaining a connection to the Soul.     


 With this certification program, COAS joins EAAT programs and centers worldwide to bring these skills and horse-inspired values to Japan. I salute my wonderful colleague, Motoko Kobinata, for combining her professional expertise in organizational development, her years of training and hard work, and her bright vision for your future. Wishing you much joy and success with this new adventure. 

Independent Researcher / Author / Public Speaker

Mr. Shu Yamaguchi

Shiseido Company, Limited


Ms. Naomi Kimura

 Will Lab Co.,Ltd.


Ms.Miwa Koyasu

Senior Advisor of a Global Professional Service Farm/Professor

Ms. Mieko Kobayashi

CORK Co.,Ltd.


Mr.Yohei Sadoshima

The Breakthrough Company GO


Mr.Takahiro Miura

 NewsPicks NewSchool


Mr.Norihiko Sasaki

 A Listed Company(1st section)

Executive Officer

Mr.Fumihiro Yamaguchi


16 companies / total over 2000 business professionals

Dec 2023

EAGALA Certified

The Facilitator of COAS is the only EAGALA certified person in Japan who is both a mental health professional and an equine specialist. EAGALA is the leading internationally-recognized model for equestrian coaching and therapy.

Unique Farm

The Facilitator of COAS is the only Our farm is designed for providing Natural Horse Coaching.  In our farm, horses are the center of our daily lives. All staff take care of horses first. Being a part of horse herd, human can revive our senses to live as we are.  To ensure the psychological and chycological safety of clients, all services are provided by renting out the farm.








Pilika Hilltop Farm 

149-2 Kobetsuzawa Nishi-ku Sapporo-shi 063-0011

About us

Company name: COAS Co., Ltd.

Year Founded: June 2016 

Founder/CEO: Motoko Kobinata 

Company Farm: Pilika Hilltop Farm (Sapporo)


Our Vision


COAS believes an ideal society is where people work happily and produce even more happiness. In this society,  we think people can bring out their true personalities and live freely, while harmonizing with society.


To realize this vision, we created a place of learning and growing with horses. We named our farm Cooperative Ashram (COAS). Our name represents a place that welcomes anybody who wants to re-learn about him/herself; to make him/herself more comfortable in work and in life.


Our horses are not used as tools for re-learning, but, rather, they are our partners in the re-learning process. COAS puts the happiness of our horses as a top priority. We are creating a new horse-oriented community with our neighbors and clients by letting go of our individual attachments to “myself,” and centering on the horses. We believe that you will find that this approach helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and improves outlook, human relationships, and even overall lifestyle.



Welcome to our re-learning ashram - a place for people who wish to make improvements to their work and life!



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